About Healing Tao

This site provides information about Healing Tao workshops and classes in North Carolina's Research Triangle Area. For a complete listing of upcoming workshops, click on Upcoming Workshops.

Better Health • Greater Vitality • More Harmony

Heal yourself. Many practitioners feel more energy, get sick less often, reduce or heal chronic diseases, and many other possible physical benefits. Longer-term benefits are a new sense of mental, emotional, and spiritual strength and balance -- chaos and stress may feel easier to handle, destructive patterns can be broken, and life enjoyed anew.

Fundamental exercises and meditations

In fundamentals classes, you will learn simple movements and meditations that have been part of spiritual development in the Chinese Taoist tradition for thousands of years. Qi or chi literally means breath or energy, while "Gong" means skill. Through these practices, you build your skill in working with the life force, or breath, that supports you.

  • The Inner Smile – Empowering transformation.
  • The Six Healing Breaths and Sounds – Clearing trapped, stagnant energy.
  • The Five Animal Movements – Stimulating the lung, kidney, liver, heart, and spleen spirits.
  • Microcosmic Orbit – Allowing the free movement of energy.
  • Bone Breathing – Revitalizing and cleaning the immune system.
  • Rooting – Building a strong foundation.